Washing towels and bathrobes in an easy and effective way

Towels and bathrobes are considered permanent items in our daily bathroom. They are used to dry the body after showering or washing the face. Over time, dirt and bacteria may accumulate on these items, which makes washing them regularly necessary to maintain the health and cleanliness of the body. Washing towels and bathrobes in a correct and effective manner not only keeps them clean, but also helps maintain their softness and quality in the long term. In this section, we will review the importance of washing towels and bathrobes and also maintaining their softness and cleanliness.

Methods for washing towels and bathrobes


Hand wash method

Collection: Before you start washing towels and bathrobes by hand, separate them from each other and sort them according to colors and fabric materials

Soaking: Fill a basin with warm water and add a little washing powder or liquid soap. Place the towels and bathrobes in the water and leave them for a period of time to remove stains and dirt.

Scrubbing: Use a soft brush to gently scrub towels and bathrobes to remove stubborn stains. Avoid using a rough brush to maintain the softness of the fibers.

Rinse: Rinse towels and bathrobes well with clean water until any soap residue is removed

Drying: Spread towels and bathrobes on a flat surface for drying. The sun can be used for quick drying

How to wash using a washing machine


Collection: Separate towels and bathrobes and sort them by color and fabric material

Preparation: Gently place towels and bathrobes in the washing machine and adjust the appropriate settings according to the washing machine manufacturer’s directions

Additional Additives: You may add a little washing powder or liquid soap for better results. You can also add fabric softener to keep your towels and bathrobes soft

Wash cycle: Turn on the washing machine and let it run the full cycle to wash towels and bathrobes

Drying: After completing the washing cycle, remove the towels and bathrobes from the washing machine and spread them out for drying. You can use a drying device or open air.

These are some effective ways to wash towels and bathrobes, whether using a washing machine or manually

Suitable detergents


Types of detergents suitable for washing towels and bathrobes

To maintain the softness and cleanliness of towels and bathrobes, it is important to choose the appropriate detergent. There are several types of detergents that can be used to wash towels and bathrobes, including:

Washing powder: Regular washing powder is one of the most common ways to clean towels and bathrobes. You can use the usual washing powder that you use to wash normal clothes.

Washing up liquid: If you prefer to use washing up liquid, it is also a good option for washing towels and bathrobes. Washing up liquid is available in a variety of scents and formulations.

Fabric softener: After washing towels and bathrobes, you can use fabric softener to add a fresh scent and extra softness. Make sure to choose a fabric softener that suits your preferences.

It is important to read the instructions for use on the package of the detergent you use and follow the correct instructions to keep your towels and bathrobes soft and clean.


Special care for towels and bathrobes

How to maintain the softness of towels and bathrobes

– Maintain the water temperature within the appropriate temperature range for the fabric and do not use hot water that may lead to damage

– Use soft detergents that are free of harsh chemicals that can affect the softness of the fabric and damage it

– Do not use strong bleach when washing towels and bathrobes, as it can affect the colors and cause damage to the fibers

– Do not use a heat dryer to dry towels and bathrobes. Rather, it is preferable to hang them in the open air or use low heat for drying.

– Avoid using hot iron directly on towels and bathrobes, and water mist can be used to smooth wrinkles

How to clean tough stains

Avoid leaving stains on towels and bathrobes for a long time, as this may make them more difficult to remove.

Use detergents designed to remove stains and follow the instructions for use correctly –

Before washing towels and bathrobes, stain removers can be used to focus on difficult stains –

Avoid using strong bleach when spot cleaning as it can negatively affect the colors and cause fabric damage

Allow towels and bathrobes to dry completely before folding or folding them to avoid moisture build-up and new stains.

These are some simple tips that can be followed to keep towels and bathrobes soft and clean and get rid of tough stains

Secrets of keeping towels and bathrobes clean


How to dry properly

To keep your towels and bathrobes soft and clean, you must follow these simple steps for proper drying

Before putting towels or dressing gowns in the sun, make sure they are completely clean and free of dirt and stains.

– When placing it in the sun, hang it on a clothesline so that it is exposed to the air from all sides

– Avoid exposing towels and bathrobes to direct sunlight for long periods, as this may lead to them losing their color and deforming the fabric

How to store to maintain hygiene


After drying your towels and bathrobes properly, you can follow these tips to keep them clean

Make sure towels and bathrobes are completely dry before storing them.

Roll it up tightly to avoid wrinkles and bunching.

Place it in a dry, well-ventilated place away from moisture and mold.

Storage bags can be used to protect them from dust and dirt

Your towels and bathrobes require proper care to keep them clean and soft for the long term. Using these simple tips, you can maintain the quality of your towels and bathrobes and enjoy them for longer.

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