set of bath towels that are fast absorbent and soft on the skin

Are you looking for a set of bath towels that are fast absorbent and soft on the skin?

If so, then you need to try our cotton bath towels. JacquardDina Cotton Towels are made of high quality pure cotton, making them soft and gentle on the skin. It also absorbs water quickly and efficiently, ensuring you stay dry and comfortable all day long
Enjoy the experience of Jaccardina’s range of towels. It is an unparalleled choice because it is of high quality, made of pure cotton, fast absorbing and high quality design. The set comes in different sizes to suit all family members. If you are a bride and need bath towels, the towel set consists of more than one towel in different sizes. Feel free to make your choice. JacquardDina towels because they are one of the best brands in Egypt

Why should you choose JacquardDina Towel Set?
High quality

The pads come in high quality because they are made of pure cotton, which is characterized by rapid absorption and lightweight fabric. They use soft and gentle materials because they are made of high quality cotton.

Ultra comfort

Our towels have a soft and flexible feel that provides you with optimal comfort all day long. Forget the irritation and discomfort. Thanks to the use of pure cotton, Jaccardina towels provide a soft feel against your skin, making them comfortable to use today

Strong protection

Our towels feature advanced barrier technology that protects you from leaks and unwanted odors. Enjoy absolute confidence in every moment and uses soft and skin-friendly materials.

Elegant design

The JacquardDina towel set comes in a variety of designs and colors to suit all tastes and coordinate with bathroom decor. You can choose towels that reflect your personality and add an aesthetic touch to the bathroom. With a slim and discreet design, it gives you the confidence to wear your favorite clothes without any worries, and the towel set is designed to be absorbed quickly, helping you feel dry and refreshed quickly after use.

Normal breathing

Jaccardina towel set allows your skin to breathe naturally and helps keep it dry. Feel fresh all day long

They are bath towels that provide comfort, softness, and high water absorption performance, and are considered essential pieces in the bathing and personal care experience in the bathroom.

مجموعة فوط جاكاردينا


These pads are carefully crafted using pure, sustainably sourced cotton. It is durable and does not shrink after repeated washing, making it last for a long time

Easy to wash and clean

JacquardDina Towel Set is easily machine washable, dries quickly and remains soft and ready to use after washing and drying as it is made of pure cotton which is easy to wash

مجموعه مميزة من الالوان

You can take a look at JacquardDina towels here
When choosing a bathroom set, there are a few things to consider
Softness: Bath towels should be soft and gentle on the skin
Absorbency: Bath towels should absorb water quickly and efficiently and use materials that are soft and gentle on the skin
Quality: Bath towels should be made of high-quality materials
Size:- Bath towels should be sized appropriately for their intended use
Color and design: You should choose bathroom towels that suit your bathroom decor

the color

Light blue _ beige _ black _ burgundy _ cashmere _ dark blue _ fuchsia _ gray _ lavender _ mauve _ mint green _ off white _ pistachio _ turquoise _ white
You can see the colors of JacquardDina towels here


cm 90*160 bath towel 70*140 cm
cm   Face towel 50*100 0*30 cm

فوط جاكاردينا

JacquardDina pads are made of 100% pure cotton, fast absorbing, high quality pure cotton. It is characterized by its softness, rapid water absorption, and wonderful shape that suits all tastes. It is characterized by being soft. Available in different sizes, shapes and all colors that suit you. Sustainable warm and gentle towels, super absorbent cotton, soft antibacterial, high quality, beautiful designs of kitchen towels, washable, does not shrink or shrink, long lasting, yarns woven from pure cotton provide you with quick drying at the same time. Soft, medium thickness and highly absorbent towels. Available in a variety of colours, these warm and cozy towels are easy to coordinate with kitchen textiles, and will pamper you with luxury. The pads are highly absorbent and quick to dry, so you can use them several times and are not affected by washing because the pads are made of natural cotton and you can wash them in the washing machine. However, fabric softener may reduce the absorbency of the pads, as these wonderfully soft pads are woven from sustainably sourced cotton. Warm and nice after shower, the towels are soft. Made from pure grown cotton

In short, bath towels provide comfort, softness, and high water absorption performance, and are considered essential pieces of the bathing and personal care experience in the bathroom. Therefore, they must be carefully selected and informed about the materials used in their manufacture, their quality and design. Therefore, JacquardDina Company offers you a set of high-quality towels with an elegant design and quick absorption in all colors and sizes: You can order now by clicking here

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