The best bathrobe and ways to take care of it

:The best bathrobe

Bathrobe is generally known as a large cloth whose main task is to absorb water. We use it to dry the body. We can also wrap it over our body completely to cover the body greatly. On the Jacardina website, we will provide you with all the information that helps you when buying a bathrobe

Bashkir description

  • Bashkir is not without any home because often everyone has their own bathrobe,
  • This prompted us to provide you with many different types, materials and colors of the best Bashkir to make it easier for you to choose the right one for you.
  • We also offer you the best prices, because every family and brides in the equipment buy a large number of the best Bashkir.
  • Therefore, we were keen to provide the best bathrobe suitable for the sea and others. We offer you the highest quality and the lowest price through the JacquardDina website


Types of bathrobe fabrics

  • Since the bathrobe is used to absorb water and dry the body from it, it is made of cotton because it absorbs water well.
  • The bathrobe is soft and gentle on the body, so as not to cause any itching or allergy to the body.
  • Some of them are decorated in other ways to give a distinctive look and shape to Bashkir
  • It is available in light colors, because it is used in drying the body and on the beach to give you a distinctive shape

 Wash towels with vinegar and salt

  • Many women use vinegar and salt in the laundry to fix the colors, especially in the new bathrobe.
  • This is to keep its color and not change. Vinegar and salt stabilize and maintain the color, so that the bagels last well for as long as possible.

Wash your towels at the right temperature

The bathrobe is washed for ten to a quarter of an hour in the washing machine, at 50 degrees Celsius.

  •  Let the towels come out clean and usable and get rid of bacteria.
  • Do not use large amounts of detergent, because this changes the color of the bathrobe, in addition to making it rough. Here, you can wash the bathrobe with white vinegar and salt, then rinse it.
  • Then wash it in warm water at a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius to 40 degrees Celsius, using sodium bicarbonate.
  • Then let it dry to keep the bathrobe better and softer

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