What are the types of towels and their uses in the kitchen?

Utensils towels:

 To hold kitchen utensils in

Drying towels:

 This type of towel is used to dry cooking utensils after washing

Cleaning towels:

It cleans the kitchen from marble and others. It is used to clean the cooker and other kitchen utensils

What are the recommended ways to clean the towels in the kitchen?
Put them in a deep bowl
– pour hot water over them, add detergent in the bowl
– leave them in the pot until the stains and fat are dissolved
– then wash them if they are clean. If the stains do not come out
– you can put baking soda with white vinegar and then rub them well to make them clean.
– If the stains are stubborn on the pads
– they should be washed with soap and then put them in the washing machine for washing.
– If the towels are made of linen, they cannot be soaked for a long time
– but only for four hours with the addition of cleaning powder. These towels should be exposed to the sun to dry

 The most important tips and guidelines when buying kitchen towels

are to wash towels before using them in order to get rid of germs that have stuck in them

Do not wash these towels with chlorine because it is a very strong chemical that leads to the destruction of this type of towel.

The towels used are cotton, which is sometimes cut by women and used as towels that are very suitable for cleaning

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What is the best place to put towels in the kitchen?

Many experts have gone on to find the right place for towels in the kitchen

. What are the places where they are not placed?

What are the places that are not suitable for placing these towels?

Placing towels on the oven door is undesirable because germs accumulate and collect on these places in the kitchen due to frequent use of these handles, especially when cooking.

Therefore, we are forced to hold the towels, so that the opportunity for germs to form on these towels becomes more open to them than other kitchen utensils, but we recommend placing the towels above the sink, provided that these towels do not touch the sink So that germs can be read Also

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